Attention spiritual seekers
who walk a different path on a journey of awakening

The Nectar of the Immortals

Discover the Secret Alchemical Elixir Used by Ancient Royalty, Mystics and Wealthy Elites to Heal the Body, Expand the Mind, and Attain Enlightenment

What if everything we’ve been told by the media, medical industry and big pharma, is a lie to suppress our divine nature?

What if there was one simple, unique, powerful element that has been hidden from the
view of the public for THOUSANDS of years that was and is still used today by royalty, mystics, and elites from every corner of the world?

And it’s an element that is found abundantly all over the world, and doesn’t require you to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it? 

By continuing to read the information below you will quickly learn how you can protect yourself from the negative energies in the world around you that flood your life everyday, blocking your spiritual growth.

AND you’ll learn how to decalcify your pineal gland, achieve incredible psychic abilities and a deeper spiritual connection to the world around you.

And if you’re feeling skeptical about all this I get it, but this is the same recipe that has been created by alchemists for thousands of years, written about in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and babylonian texts.

And it is used by thousands of people around the world today with incredible results.

This is something that can work for anybody, as long as you have a connection to your spirituality, and a belief in a higher power, regardless of what faith, religion, or cultural background you are from.

Here’s what people have been saying about this incredible elixir


In my own experiments, this has shown an undeniable reaction in my body that feels very similar to the sensations that I know from the ancient Egyptian formula

Jason Yamasaki


I did experience a balanced mental clarity that heretofore was unknown.

Keyon Adago


I feel happier, I feel more beautiful, more powerful, more blissful, more able to energetically align with my highest self in my day, sending love out there to the cosmos and universe all my reflections

Melissa Antarro

If we haven’t met, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Erai Beckmann, and for the past 10 years I have been on the hunt for the most life transformational substances in the world.

I was feeling a really stagnant after getting involved in the world of big corporations and big pharma.

I used to own a pharmaceutical CBD company that helped legalize CBD in Brazil.

And I used to own a company that published reviews of medical journals (at one point we were the biggest company of our kind in the industry).

I’d spent about 10 years of my life grinding hard every day to make a name for myself and achieve wealth so my family could have safety and comfort.

I was honestly burnt out
I was so burnt out I didn't know what to do.
So I figured I’d do what I knew how to do best… Research

I was looking for something that wasn’t just an average supplement you could buy off the shelf…

Something that wasn't only focussed on my physical body, or my mind…
But something that could propel my spiritual evolution as well.

But something that could propel my spiritual evolution as well.

I spent thousands of hours researching and diving into the inner workings of the human body and mind, and how our internal chemistry works…

I developed a lot of supplements that have been super helpful to my family, my friends, and to hundreds of other people that have come to trust me with their health and their mental/cognitive performance because of my track record.

I’ve learned what to do and not to do for maximum performance and vitality.

But I was never able to pinpoint something that I could use to take my spirituality and connection to the divine to the next level.

But a few months ago, all that changed.

I made a shocking discovery during some of my recent research, that I absolutely needed to share with the world.

Something that I knew for years intuitively, but that science is just catching up with now...

Your “Aura” is a real thing

It is an electrical field that is emitted by your heart and changes based on your emotional state .

Each of the cells in your body also have their own electrical field, which is measured by  he bioluminescence (life-light) of your cells (basically your cells and DNA emit small amounts of light).

This electromagnetic energy field can be physically measured!

For all you science geeks out there, “Magnetocardiography” (MCG) is a technique to measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical currents in the heart using extremely sensitive devices such as the superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID).

Even the scientific community does not dispute that there is an electrical current flowing around and through your body.

But modern scientists were not the first to discover our human energy fields.

Ancient spiritual traditions from all times and corners of the earth make reference to it in a less “sciency” way, calling it “Life Force Energy” in their own languages.

Science is beginning to catch up with spirituality, and starting to understand that this electrical field is affected by our internal states and external influences, such as

The amount of energetic interferences that you are exposed to by living in this time and age are unprecedented...

Especially for those living in densely populated areas with lots of houses, office buildings, exposure to 5G radiation, cell phone towers and the hundreds of people at grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and the other places that we visit while going about our daily lives.

Studies have shown that eating foods that are not organic whole foods (meaning fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, grains, nuts, dairy, and meats that are produced organically) have a negative affect on your subtle energy fields as well.

When you experience lower vibrational emotions such as boredom, doubt, blame, fear, anxiety, anger, and hatred, your vibration lowers and your field gets weaker.

The big media outlets constantly bombard us with fear based messages. They use propaganda to further their own malicious agendas and profit off the labour of the honest working class.

Many of us do begin to feel the weight of these lower vibrational energies.

As your electrical field continues to diminish in power, your body and mind must use more of your life force energy for simple and basic functions like balancing your mood (which is often angry or anxious if you have chronic low vibration), basic motor skills, thinking, and digestion to name a few.

It is no wonder that today, more than 2.5 million people in America alone suffer from chronic fatigue, and over 40 million Americans suffer from depression.

The conditions like poverty, unhealthy sources of food, over exposure to negative EMF’s (like 5G and microwaves) that create suffering, lack, apathy...

They’re created on purpose by the systems of control that are in place to dumb us down and calcify our pineal glands (which has been touted as the doorway to divine insight by many spiritual teachings).

This explains why so many people have such a hard time escaping their old habits and patterns. These negative loops play out time and time again because we are living in a world where connection to the divine is being smothered by negative energies.

And this prevents the higher forces around you and the spiritual mechanisms in your body from using your life force energy for the evolution of your consciousness and to fulfil your life's greatest potential.

What is Monoatomic Gold?

Could eating small amounts of it be the simplest solution to raising your consciousness
and protecting your energy field?

Have you ever heard of monoatomic gold (also known as ormus)?

Orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements are a strange category of elements that can occur naturally around the world in our oceans and seas, as well as in the earth.

It can also be made through a special alchemical process using salt water from the dead sea, and other sources, as well as mineral salts found in various places around the world (himalayas, andes, etc)

The elements include gold, platinum, silver, iridium, magnesium, rhodium, palladium, and many more.

Up until now, scientists have been unable to come to an agreement on exactly how these “mono atomic elements” have transformed their atomic structures but...

What’s certain is that the tests they perform in laboratories come back inconclusive, and are stunning researchers because these elements do not behave the same, and they have a different number of atoms to their counterparts on the periodic table of elements.

So let’s talk about Monoatomic gold specifically.

Monoatomic Gold is not like regular gold. It is a pure spiritual and energetic food that brings clarity to your mind, raises your vibration and elevates your consciousness by unblocking, removing and protecting you from the lower vibrational forces that surround you.

It is shrouded in much mystery, because laboratory tests come back inconclusive, but thousands of people share their experience of using ORMUS gold and they report...​

These experiences become possible because ORMUS gold is a MASSIVE SUPERCONDUCTOR for your electromagnetic field.

So your life force is freed up from the basic functions we mentioned earlier, and now can be used for the elevation of consciousness and creating spiritual balance and harmony in your being.

The History of Mono Atomic Gold is Just as Mystical and Exciting as it’s Effects.

3000 years ago, in Kemet (which was the name the ancient Egyptians called Egypt), the priests and priestesses, pharaohs and the Gods they depict walking among them were consuming a substance known as “white bread”.

Many of the ancient mystery schools were dedicated to producing the white powder known to the Mesopotamians as Shem-an-na.

Pictures of it show it being offered to the Pharaohs, in the shape of a cone.

On the top of Mount Sinai, Petrie Murine (one of the worlds greatest modern alchemists) discovered an Egyptian Temple which contained a bewildering discovery…

Laying some inches deep beneath heavy flagstones in a storeroom was a considerable supply of the finest pure white, unadulterated powder.

Some of the mysterious powder was taken back to Britain for analysis and examination, but no results were ever published.

The rest was left open to the elements after 3000 years to become a victim of the desert winds.

What is obvious, is that this powder was identical to the ancient Mesopotamian fire-stone.

This substance was made into bread-cakes and used to feed the Babylonian kings and the pharaohs of Egypt. ​

This, of course, explains the temple inscriptions denoting the importance of bread and light, while the white powder has been identified with the sacred manna in the Ark of the Covenant.

After their rediscovery, these secrets that were lost to the hands of time, were of course hidden from the public, until an American farmer discovered them by accident.

The rediscovery of Mono-atomic Elements in the United States

David hudson was a cotton farmer living in Arizona. He “re-discovered” ormus in the 1970’s.

He stumbled upon this carbon based material when using old mining techniques to extract gold and silver from the salt-crusted bedrock of the Arizona desert.

Using a heat based method, Hudson separated the earth into its respective base metals such as Iron, Silicon, Aluminum, Gold, and Silver.

This was not an uncommon practice during his day, and Hudson claimed he did this for fun rather than a means of income (the alchemical process is actually quite expensive).

As Hudson continued his hobby, he began realizing that there was an unidentifiable substance coming off of the minerals he was excavating, similar to gold or silver, but something else entirely.

But of course, most great researchers and those that uncover great mysteries are often made out to be insane, or worse…

After years of study and research, David Hudson was able to patent his discoveries about ormus in Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand and Spain to name a few places.

But the US government blocked his patent applications on ORMUS, claiming they denied them for the purposes of National defense.

In 2011, David Hudson made his last public appearance to share about ORMUS, after which he disappeared mysteriously, and all of his research and gold was confiscated from his laboratories.

He may have disappeared, but his legacy did not end there…

Holistic healers, and students of alchemy around the world are carrying the torch and are committed to bringing ORMUS Gold to the public.

And now we are offering this miracle elixir to our community of truth seekers and light warriors

Now I that I’d discovered this, I just needed to find some…​

But I ran into a huge problem…

I tried so many different kinds of ORMUS, all claiming to be “the philosopher's stone”, or “the greatest ancient alchemical recipe” but none of them had the type of effect I expected from true alchemy.

I had read enough to know that the real thing was rare, and an extremely potent tincture that was highly sought after by those that are in the know about ORMUS.

I realized I couldn't just buy it on amazon, or google it and order it from random sites online.

So, I got obsessed. I started asking all of my friends. My spiritual friends, my science nerd friends, my supplement geek friends.

I started going through my rolodex of contacts, asking everyone I knew if they’d heard of ORMUS, and if they had an authentic source for it…

And I was disappointed time and time again. Most of them referred be to brands I’d heard of that I had tried and considered pretty average, nothing special.

But finally, I had a stroke of luck.

I called one of my friends who I knew had been researching alchemy for over 10 years and told me he had a recipe that was handed down to him by his master, and by his master before him…

And I realized that this might be the first time I actually had the opportunity to try ORMUS that was made through the use of a real ancient alchemical formula.

Him and I spoke, and he agreed to produce a small batch from of formula and make it available to my dear friends and loved ones.

So he created the sample batch, and sent it to me via FedEX…

and when I tried it, I felt the top of my head start tingling, and then my entire spine, like a divine force was pouring down through me from the heavens.

Kyleigha my wife tried some and this is what she said to me...

“I completely understand every aspect of my life now, why I’ve been through what I’ve been through who I am today, and what my destiny is in this lifetime… I’m here to help awaken humanity”

We started sharing about this with our close family and friends and they were begging us to share it with them so they could try it.

But we hardly had enough for ourselves, let alone to share it with as many people as we wanted to.

So I went back to my friend and asked him if he’d be willing to produce it for us on a larger scale, so we could share it with our friends and our community of light warriors and truth seekers.

And that is the story of the birth of this magnificent ORMUS Gold.

Introducing Green Gold
ORMUS Gold Infused with CBD

Green Gold is one of the world's first alchemically created ORMUS blended with CBD.

Just one small dropper full a day provides unbelievable, lasting benefits such as

The alchemical power of the Gold is enhanced by the terpenes in our full spectrum CBD, creating an “entourage” effect. Your body has an endocannabinoid system (meaning our body is designed to receive and use cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp) so not only does it augment and improve the absorption and power of the ORMUS it is also…

No matter where you are in the world, or the circumstances you’re surrounded by, our Green Gold can help you protect your energy field and radically shift your consciousness to heightened levels of perception.

The secret to green gold is its synergistic blend of monoatomic gold, other ORMUS elements, CBD, and the powerful alchemical process we use to create it.


Most ORMUS is Fake and Can Even be Dangerous to Consume 

Many “fake alchemists” attempt to create ORMUS, and due to an incomplete understanding of the alchemical process, they create an incorrect final product.

Many brands out there claiming to be ORMUS are knockoffs, because they do not have the correct recipes from real Alchemical Masters that can show them the true secrets behind how to create this manna.

When using poorly or incorrectly made ORMUS you may experience the following:

““this product did not make any difference. I will continue to search for the real one.”

“It gave me a headache so I stopped using it. Who knows if this is good for the ol' noggin' anyway? It's best to keep the brain healthy and happy without taking unknown stuff.”

“Gave me horrible shooting pains in my stomach and my colon during bowl movement, never had that happen, not sure if it interacted with something I ate or what but I threw the whole bottle away.”

““Awful, made me so sick, my blood pressure went up, my potassium low, blood sugar high” - YIKES!

The Alchemist Behind the Elixir

We consulted a Tibetan medicine doctor, Amchi, of over 30 years about this elixir. He helped guide us in the creation of our ORMUS.

He had incredible things to say about the final product.

“The ORMUS in these infusions adds an electromagnetic charge and when combined with the entourage effects of cannabinoids from the CBD, and the Terpenes, we have a living essence in a bottle. This medicinal synergy ignites the cells into greater healing potentials.”

In 1974, Amchi did some apprentice practice with the Sadhus (Spiritual Masters) in Rishikesh, India, making Siddhi (spiritual powers) medicines using therapeutic grade, stabilized incinerated gold particles.

He found that the use of monatomic elements, specifically gold, and then combined with other healing ingredients (like CBD) encouraged the human biological functions to awaken to a higher level of expression within one's own personal human body. Many people who take ORMUS get a sort of ‘high’ from it. Researchers believe this happens due to an increase in the efficiency of the body and brain.

Current research claims that you only need about 10% of your total available energy to run your body’s basic functions.

If one has imbalances in the body and mind, they will use much more energy than necessary

Upon taking ORMUS, the excess energy is liberated and goes to our higher energy centers, creating the high feeling. ​

Our Alchemical Process

To make this ORMUS, we used Dead Sea Salt and spring water from the Mountain Valley Spring Water Company (Arkansas).

There are 21 minerals present in Dead Sea Salt and we extract them into what’s known as a monatomic state, through the use of organic washing soda (food grade sodium hydroxide).

At a certain pH level, when saltwater is vortexed, the elements separate from the water. Once this is done, we wash the elements in distilled water (7 rinses to make sure it’s clear of anything harmful).

In our ORMUS, monatomic gold is the main element, making it the main catalyst for healing.

Our ORMUS contains:
M-State Gold 70%
M-State Magnesium 30%

We then blend the ORMUS with CBD and the following terpenes from whole plant hemp extract: Valencene, Terpineol, Trans-nerolido, Terpinolene, Terpineol, Sabinene, and Pulegone.

The entourage effect of the terpene and CBD enhance the ORMUS effect, assisting it with the efficiency of absorption in the body. The list of ingredients are full spectrum organic hemp extract, MCT oil, organic synergy enhanced terpenes (listed above), and M State Gold and Magnesium

And the people involved in creating this ORMUS have the purest of intentions, so it magnifies its potency as well...

It really produces some life changing effects


The short of it is: If you are looking for a product to help your mind and body health using ancient alchemy and modern "magic science", then this is a great place to start.

Christian Manz


“It will re-align you with your path and help you realize that life is about the collective consciousness and that we are co-existing and co-creating together for a better future! Only word of advice is to start slow and build up to find the amount of ormus that you need to take for yourself

Alysha Morrova


it's pretty much God in a bottle lol

Alexander Robbins

How to Get the Most out of Your ORMUS

For being so incredibly powerful, our Green Gold ORMUS is very easy to use. 

Each bottle comes with a 1 mL glass dropper.

You simply fill the dropper full with this magical alchemical substance and drop it under your tongue. Hold for one minute for maximum absorption, then swallow.

(It tastes sweet and is very easy to swallow)

You should start with one dropper a day, and work your way up to three doses per day.

It is best taken after a meal, or with a glass of purified water.

Ensure to shake well prior to using it.

It can also be taken with a little organic honey to enhance the flavor, if desired.

It can also be applied on the skin to help soothe and minimize rashes, burns, and a variety of other skin diseases and infections.

Simply poor one dropper full onto the area that needs attention, and gently rub it in.

The Elites, Big Pharma, and World Governments

Historically ORMUS was only available to kings and queens, priests and priestesses, Gods and Goddesses (as the ancient stories go), the students of heads of secret societies or mystery schools, and the wealthy elite that could afford it.

This is why we have to host this on a private site hidden from the public.

Any moment now the powers that be, you know, “big brother” may try to shut us down.

They don’t want people believing that there are simple products out there like this that can help us wake up.

Therefore we don't know how long this page will remain up on the internet, or how long we will be able to continue producing this ORMUS without being shut down.

Demand Is High and Supplies Are Limited

Many spiritual seekers hope to get their hands on ORMUS of this rare and refined quality.

We are only offering this to our direct community of light warriors because we want you to have access to tools like this to further awaken your consciousness

But because this is such a specialty product, that takes months to make, and because there are THOUSANDS of people in our community that want to start using this green gold, we will run out soon.

Our Alchemist has only provided us with 200 bottles, and that is all we have available to offer at this time.

Even though we don’t have many in stock, and we can’t produce more very easily, I sincerely hope you’ll take action today and get it for yourself now, because I remember how unbelievable I felt back when I had the chance to try this for the first time.

I’ve spent over 10 years searching for and curating the best supplements and solutions for human vitality in the world.

I don’t take very many supplements honestly, just a couple every day because after all those years of research and product development, I know exactly what I need for my body and mind to work flawlessly.

It is my personal mission to help light warriors awaken to their true nature, and rise up to the call of this mass spiritual awakening we are all bearing witness to in this now.

That is why we are offering this to you now.

Again, most of the ORMUS out there is FAKE AND OVERPRICED!

I’ve seen some bottles of ORMUS (that seem to be real) on sale online for $1200 +

And I've seen others for around $40 (but I know those can’t possibly be the real thing because I know the process required to create it and it’s impossible to get the pure quality for so cheap).

And tiny little vials being offered for $150 (hardly enough for a 2 week supply).

But as a spiritual seeker, now that you know about ORMUS, not adding it to your supplement shelf is basically ignoring one of the greatest gifts that the universe has to offer.

You’d literally be turning down the nectar of the Gods, the bread of kings and queens, the manna of enlightenment.

Our Green Gold gives you an opportunity to try a true Mono Atomic subtle energy enhancing elixir.

And it is better than anything else out there because you have my personal guarantee that it is real, created using an ancient alchemical recipe that has been tested by a Master Tibetan Healer

And it is reasonably priced in comparison to the other ORMUS out there, and we don’t even know if those are real or not...

Usually we would be offering this ORMUS at $197...

But Right now, for a limited time only (while we still have some in stock) you get a full months supply of Green Gold for just $105

And since so many truth seekers have already bought multiple bottles of our Green Gold Ormus so they could ensure they had multiple months stock, or they could share it with their friends and loved ones (which is really smart of them to do)...

We created a better discount program where if you buy 3 months today you instead of paying $140 per bottle, you'll only pay $105 per bottle. (a 25 %discount)

3 Month Plan

We created a better discount program where if you buy 3 months today you instead of paying $140 per bottle, you'll only pay $105 per bottle. (a 25 %discount)

Subscription and Save

OR if you get your ORMUS on a monthly subscription, you will be given priority when new stock comes in, and the price is only $90/month !

So click the button below.

Go ahead and say yes to the strongest, purest, cleanest, BEST energetic ormus that will help put you in touch with the full potential of your divine nature.

You deserve it. We all do.

What happens after you click?

You’ll be taken to our secure 254 bit encryption checkout page where you input your order information ,and the moment you do that and confirm your investment in this program you’ll receive an instant order confirmation and your order will be shipped to you within 24 hours.

By the way, I’m so confident that this will enhance and further awaken you on your spiritual journey…​

On your first bottle of Green Gold, we offer a no risk no hassle 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the benefits you were expecting from your first bottle of Green Gold ORMUS, just send us an email to briefly describing why you don’t think it's helping, and we’ll instantly give you a full refund. No questions asked.

So given all of that and the fact there is nothing else like this available out there, plus the fact that you’re covered by our no risk no hassle 30 day 100% money back guarantee there really no reason not to take action right now, so click the button you see below and order your bottle of Green Gold ORMUS today.

The Way I see it, you have 2 choices.

And the choice really is yours. You are going to have to make a decision about this soon because even as you’re reading this, there are other truth seekers placing their orders, and supplies are very limited.

And really there are only two options in front of you right now.

Don’t take action. You go back to living your life the way you were before, and pretend like you never heard of Green Gold, or ORMUS. Pretend like you don’t know it was used by great spiritual masters and ancient royalty to enhance their divinity and attain enlightenment. You go back to your life of being the victim of the negative energies that surround you.

I’m not trying to be scary or depressing, or negative or anything like that, I'm just being real.

That's just what happens , too many people face that cold reality and I don't want that reality for you, especially when there is a much better and easier way to supercharge your energetic field and achieve some of the incredible results available like

Your mind becoming clear, your vision becoming better, your hearing becoming more alert, and better thinking and problem-solving.

Your emotions and thoughts become more centered, making it much easier to solve problems. And your creativity expands absolutely.

So go ahead and click on the button below right now and get your very own bottle of Green Gold while they are still in stock.

Do that and you can change your energetic field for the rest of your life and become the one that your friends and family look to with gratitude and come to for help because of your profound presence and clarity of mind.

That's a much better option, I think it's the option you should take, but you really need to hurry because I don’t know how long we will still have bottles in stock.

Remember you’re covered by the 30 day 100% money back guarantee so there's no reason not to take action today.

Thank you so much for reading this letter and considering the effects of this profound Alchemical Elixir in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey you’re still here? No worries lots of people have questions. I'm here to help you out and clear up any confusion you might have.

So let's go over some of the most common questions people ask me about this, that way you can get your bottle of Green Gold ORMUS feeling entirely confident in your decision.


What are the ingredients?


Full spectrum organic hemp extract, MCT oil (from coconut), organic synergy enhanced terpenes, and M State Gold and Magnesium


How much should I take ?


1 dropper full at a time 3 times a day. You can take more or less depending on your personal preference and experience. Everyone’s bodies are different and therefore will react differently.


What if it doesn't work for me ?


Try taking a larger dose, or more doses throughout the day. Everyone’s body is different and therefore will react differently with this elixir. For most people after taking Green Gold the first time they feel some subtle effects, after about 2-3 weeks there is a more noticeable clarity of mind and deep states of focus and presence. If you are not getting the results you were hoping for after you use your first bottle of Green Gold, Just send us an email and we’ll refund you.


What if I feel sick when I take it?



What kind of results can I expect from taking Green Gold ?


It depends on your circumstances. The newly freed up energy will target your weakest areas first. If you have a foggy mind you could experience clarity. Feeling tired? More energy. Chronic pain? Pay attention to how the pain feels after you take it for a few days.


What makes this ORMUS special?



Can I test this ORMUS myself?


You can try to test it but it requires sensitive laboratory equipment and event the leading researchers and scientists in the field studying ORMUS are still baffled by its atomic make up.

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