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Handcrafted, Cold Pressed Essential Oil Soap
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The inherent acidity of the tomato in the Orange Tomato soap pleasantly surprised me by significantly softening my skin. It has now become an integral part of my daily cleansing and exfoliation ritual.

Cold Pressed Soap made with certified organic, ethically-sourced botanicals that gives you visibly healthy skin – and get a FREE GIFT TODAY for trying it.

Gentle Daily Detox for Skin

Ethically Sourced Organic Ingredients

Noticeably More Radiant Complexion

The Ancient Thai Secret to Nourished, Radiant Skin Has Just Been Unlocked

Like many, I struggled for years to find a soap that gave me the clear, healthy skin I wanted without harsh chemicals.

I tried every new "natural" soap on the market, only to end up with irritated, lackluster skin. The so-called "gentle" cleansers never lived up to their claims.

I almost gave up hope of ever having genuinely pure, nourishing soap - until I decided to create my own.

When I first lathered up with those gentle, organic botanical oils, I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkable difference it made, leaving my skin radiant and revitalized.

Within a few weeks, I noticed my complexion was clearer and more even-toned. Those aggravating little bumps and rough patches were gone. And I finally had that healthy glow I'd been chasing.

Now, the same incredibly pure, toxin-free formula that transformed my skin is available to you too.

Made with organic, ethically-sourced ingredients and crafted using a traditional cold-press method, this soap gives your skin exactly what it needs - and nothing it doesn't.

And Here’s What People Are Saying!

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I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. I now have the clearest, most radiant complexion ever at age 49!
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My skin has never glowed like this before! After just 2 weeks using this, my skin looks years younger - smooth, even-toned, with zero breakouts.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 1.06.24 PM
My makeup glides on flawlessly now, thanks to this skin-renewing miracle. My skin texture has never been smoother.

Why This Cold-Pressed Organic Soap is Different

We go beyond organic, sourcing only the purest ethically grown botanicals from small family farms in Thailand. You can trace every ingredient back to its origin for complete peace of mind.

While most soaps use artificial fragrances, we harness the natural scent of organic essential oils like lemongrass, lavender, and tea tree. This creates a soothing aromatherapy experience.

Our soap nourishes skin in ways no other can. The difference is immediately noticeable – expect a younger, healthier, more radiant glow. Your skin will finally get what it truly needs.

Most soaps today, even ones labeled “organic,” are mass-produced using high heat and cheap oils that destroy the beneficial properties of essential oils. 

This makes them useless to your skin.

Our soap is different – it’s carefully handcrafted in small batches using an ancient Thai cold-pressing technique. This preserves the healing enzymes and nutrients in this special soap’s certified organic ingredients and essential oils.

Cold-pressing allows the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and collagen-boosting benefits of our essential oils to be fully absorbed by your skin. Your body can actually use them to cleanse, repair, and renew your skin cells in a way no other soap can.

Refresh, Restore and Reveal Your Skin's Radiance With 5 Tailored Botanical Blends

Discover 5 indulgent cold-pressed soap varieties made with organic botanicals and healing essential oils - the time-honored secret to nourished, vibrant skin.

Detox Charcoal & Mint

Let activated charcoal and mint purify skin while gently exfoliating.

Honey & Orange

Sweet, citrusy honey and orange oils soften, smooth and brighten.


Rice Milk & Tea Tree

Soothe acne-prone skin with this milky, clarifying blend.

Rose & Pink Clay

Gently polish dull skin for a radiant glow with lush rose and rosy clay.

Orange & Tomato

Energize and revitalize stressed skin with zesty tomato and orange.

Cold-pressed to preserve nourishing botanicals

Cold-pressed to preserve nourishing botanicals, these artisanal soaps are crafted with integrity using ethically sourced organic ingredients from Thai farmers.
The difference is clear from your very first use. Skin emerges fresh, hydrated and supple, with a refined, even tone.
Pamper yourself with the time-honored secret passed down through generations. Nurture skin and senses with Lanna Fresh’s indulgent, all-natural formulas.
Experience the ancient Thai secret to nourished, vibrant skin. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Let me introduce myself...

For years, my family and I have prioritized health and well-being above all – investing our time into carefully selecting products that support a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle. 

This journey led us to avoid the chemical-filled conventional soaps found on most store shelves, and instead, we would make purposeful trips to Whole Foods and local farmer’s markets to buy organic soaps.

But one day, I discovered the disturbing secret truth these organic soap manufacturers were hiding.

So-called “pure” soap manufacturers are playing dirty games, choosing the cheap, low-grade ingredients over quality. 

They use these hidden toxins, making their way into the soaps that are supposed to nourish your skin. It goes even further.

They’re seeping harmful chemicals into the soap from those same plastic bottles you’ve trusted all these years because   you’ve been trusting blindly. 

And these micro plastics soak into the most absorbent part of our bodies — our defenseless skin. It’s been proven now by science that absorbing microplastics cause serious hormonal issues that can make aging and hormone changes more difficult to handle. 

We discovered that while these soaps claimed they contain essential oils, they sadly followed manufacturing methods that destroy these oils’ powerful healing potential. When they’re heated during production, the healing essense of the essential oils have their life-enhancing goodness cooked away.

Challenged,  but not defeated, we decided to light the beacon of truth – We’re bringing back the forgotten, trusted technique of cold-pressed soap making. 

No heat, no plastic – just the pure, nourishing essential oils, kept in their prime state.

After months of tireless research and formulation, we teamed up with a passionate friend in Thailand, who shares our love for hand-made soap and essential oils. 

We’ve found the champions of nature, the farmers who treat their work as an art form, not a chore. 

From their seasoned hands, straight to us, come the freshest, most genuine ingredients Mother Nature can offer.

The result? We created a range of beyond organic, cold-pressed soaps steeped in raw, potent essential oils.


Enrich your skin with the extraordinary healing powers of our beyond-organic, handcrafted cold-pressed soap - a transformative fusion of nature's pristine purity and science-led craftsmanship.

Feeling dry and itchy after showering...

Struggling with stubborn skin problems...

Noticing a dull, lackluster complexion...

These are ALL common signs that you’re suffering from The Negative Effects of Chemical-Based Soaps.

Chemical-based soaps are packed with synthetic ingredients that not only strip away the natural oils of your skin but also expose your body to potential allergens, irritants, and endocrine disruptors (Endocrine disruptors can have a negative impact on many functions of the body, but they’re most harmful to the thyroid, sex hormones and reproductive system).

These substances can burn your skin and cause a variety of skin problems and potentially affect your overall health.

Luckily, there’s a simple fix.

“This is for you if”....

You are determined to keep your skin healthy and radiant using only natural ingredients.

You want to simplify your personal care routine with a nourishing, all-in-one product.

You're seeking a gentle, kids-friendly soap that isn't harsh or irritating.

You value your family's health and want to ensure a toxin-free bathing experience.

Refresh, Restore and Reveal Your Skin's Radiance With 5 Tailored Botanical Blends

Handcrafted, Cold Pressed Essential Oil Soap
LUX Gift Box


Organic Artesian Handmade Natural Oil Soap Box Trinity Set


Honey & Orange Handcrafted Artesian Soap Bar 3 pack


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