A state of the art water optimizer. It takes regular tap water through a multi stage process using carbon, silver, magnesium, titanium, platinum, electricity and other elements to replicate some of the conditions in water that are found in its natural and most pristine state. The result is clean, energized, antioxidizing, alkaline, hydrogen rich water.

Key features

  1. 0.5 micron activated silver carbon block filter with KDF layer

  2. platinum coated titanium electrolysis disc (vibrates to prevent calcium build up)

  3. salt port for water remineralization and production of high alkaline water.

  4. Customizable pH and ORP levels 

  5. Easy to install faucet mount 

  6. Wall mount installation kit included 


Our customers have reported rapid weight loss, the disappearance of chronic illnesses and skin conditions, elevated mood, increased focus and better overall performance at work and in their businesses. People have even reported their pets are now refusing to drink tap water!

  • Increases energy levels and reduce fatigue

  • Promotes weight loss and helps keep weight off 

  • Promotes youthfulness and vitality

  • A powerful antioxidant 

  • Reduce muscle recovery time from lactic acid build up

  • Promotes happiness by improving mood

  • Improves performance through mental clarity and focus

  • Improve gut health and facilitates digestion