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The Truth They've Kept Hidden - How Americans Can Reclaim Control Over Their Health and Wealth!

Uncover the Real Story Behind decades of Deception in the Media and discover how THEY have been controlling the news, money, the banks, and the global medical systems.

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Dear Fellow American,

Do you feel like the wool has been pulled over our eyes for far too long?

I’m Amy Lonsdale, a God-fearing mother and a true patriot, and I’m here to shed light on the unsettling reality we face.

For decades, we’ve been spoon-fed a narrative controlled by those in power – a story far from the truth…

About what’s really happening in our media, our financial institutions, and our global health systems.

It’s not just about “climate change” or “global warming”…

It’s a sophisticated plan of manipulation that’s been under our noses, impacting every aspect of our lives.

From the news we consume, to the money in our bank accounts, to the very health systems we rely on to take care of ourselves, our parents and our children, there’s a deeper, more sinister power in control.

Why, you ask? It’s about power and control – control over what we think, how we spend, and how we live.

They’ve crafted a narrative to keep us asleep and in line…

They use our hard-earned dollars to fund their agenda…

and manipulate our trust to shape a future we never asked for…

But it’s time we stand up and question the status quo. It’s time we seek the truth and reclaim the power that rightfully belongs to us – the people.

But sadly, this is just the start…

In the next 7 years, they will be unfolding their agenda of central bank digital currencies, digital IDs, and “va-X” passports.

It is our duty as citizens of this great nation to seek the truth and shine light on the lies.

That’s what our Conscious Evolution Channel is all about.

  • Expose the media’s misleading narratives and their hidden agendas.
  • Stop the misuse of our hard-earned taxpayer money to continue these lies.
  • Reclaim our sovereignty over our health and financial decisions — critical now more than ever after the unstable period we’ve endured with the corona and the economy.

I’ve made arrangements for you to get access to all this at no cost!

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Key Insights

  • Discover the disturbing truth about the mainstream media’s manipulation of news and information
  • Learn how the financial systems have been rigged against the average American, favoring the elite
  • Uncover the reality of how our health has been manipulated for profit and controlled by global interests
  • See the evidence of how narratives are twisted to shape public opinion and policy
  • Understand the cause behind major global financial and health crises, contrary to what we’ve been told
  • Dive into the hidden influences affecting our daily lives, from the food we eat to the news we consume

Remember, the ‘Establishment’ doesn’t want us to know these truths. This page could be taken down at any moment.

They fear the moment we understand their deep-rooted schemes spanning decades, aiming to control how we live, think, and decide.

But we, the informed, will not be swayed, misled, or silenced — not now, not in the future.

Together, we can uncover the real story and take back control of our news, our finances, and our health.

For the sake of our children, our country, and our freedom, let’s lift the veil of deception and bring the truth to light.

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